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Your Definitive Guide to the Best Truck Stops in America

If you’re a courier, over-the-road driver, or the type of person who regularly logs loads of cross-country miles, you won’t want to start your next trip without taking a look at Certified Fleet Services’s definitive guide to the best truck and rest stops from coast to coast.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best truck stops in the continental U.S. You’ll find out all about what makes a great truck stop great, common truck stop companies to frequent, and a list of our top 10 truck stops from Maine to California. Truckers and drivers: buckle up, because your next drive just got way more interesting.


Rest stop you’ll see on the road

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Whether you’re a truck driver or just meandering along the interstate highway in search of a place to rest, you’re sure to stumble upon the following rest stop chains along your route.

The following truck stop chains are great for fueling up, resting, and pigging out before continuing your journey.

  • Pilot Flying J– is one of the nation’s largest travel center chains in North America. At Pilot Flying J, drivers will have access to CAT scales, fuel stations, car and truck washes, service centers, laundry facilities, and showers. Best of all, you can earn points and rewards that can be redeemed for free showers and drinks.
  • Love’s– Love’s Travel Stops was founded in 1964 and is currently headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This pit-stop paradise has over 550 locations in 41 states. You can find everything from fuel, tire care, car and truck mechanic services, and travel accessories for all your road adventures.
  • TA / Petro Travel Centers– weary travelers can rest their feet at TA and Petro Travel centers with a wide variety of amenities. Whether you’re looking for fast food, 24-hour homestyle restaurants, reserved parking spaces, or showers, this rest-stop chain has something for everyone.

Not all of these chains have made our top 10 list of best truck stops. However, each of these rest stop chains offers plenty of incredible amenities that make them worth mentioning.

But the top 10 rest stops do something different than these rest stop chains. You’ll have to keep reading to find out why.


What to expect at the best truck stops

Island-infused tropical-looking truck stop

Excellence, variety, and superb customer service: these qualities (and more!) make a truck stop worth visiting. At the best truck stops in America, you can usually come to expect showers, parking spaces, diesel for sale, incredible food, and charging stations for all your needs.

Some of the best rest stops come stocked with a truck service center complete with on-site and mobile repair truck maintenance and fleet services for your vehicle. Some even have amusement park attractions and exhibits for the whole family!


Our top 10 U.S. truck stops from East to West

Trucks paused along the road

After 30-plus years in the business, we’ve learned what makes a great U.S. truck stop from an average or so-so stop. Come along for a ride with us as we explore the top 10 truck stops in America — from New England to the Wild Wild West.


1. Bangor, Maine: Dysart’s Restaurant and Truck Stop

Dysart's Travel Stop in Bangore, Maine

(Source: Dysart’s Travel Stops)

Our first pit stop is at the very edge of the continental U.S.: Bangor, Maine’s Dysart’s Restaurant and Truck Stop. Located off I-95, this family-owned business boasts two restaurants and eight convenience stores that serve amazing award-winning food and small-town charm.

Fill your tank with fuel, grab a hot shower, send mail to loved ones, and much more. If you’re here for an extended period of time, don’t forget to pop in and visit their bakery for delicious homemade pies and baked goods.

As we continue on our American road trip, our next stop will take us closer to the Midwest.


2. Loretto, Pennsylvania: Keystone Restaurant and Truck Stop

Keystone Restaurant and Truck Stop in Loretto, Pennsylvania

(Source: Keystone Restaurant & Truck Stop Facebook page)

Amish culture and Heinz aren’t all that Pennsylvania is known for. Loretto, Pennsylvania’s Keystone Restaurant and Truck Stop, located off Route 22, is a hidden travel gem for drivers passing through this state once known for its coal mining.

Not only does this truck stop serve up some delicious homemade meals, but it also includes its own deli. Whether you’re looking for a warm shower, a trailer drop off, a convenience store, or parking, Keystone Restaurant and Truck Stop may be one of Pennsylvania’s best-kept secrets.


3. Kenly, North Carolina: Kenly 95 Petro

A car wash for trucks and sedans in use

As we wind our way along the coast, no list of truck stops would be complete without Kenly 95 Petro in Kenly, North Carolina. Kenly 95 is one of the largest truck stops on the East Coast.

This truck stop is owned by some of the same folks who own the Iowa 80 group (skip to travel stop number eight for more information about Iowa 80) of truck stops. Wash your truck here, park for the night, and gain access to fuel before continuing on your way.

With barbershops, weigh scales, a truck showroom, and a truck service center, there’s plenty of reasons to pop into this popular truck stop before continuing along your way.


4. Hamer, South Carolina: South of the Border

South of the Border rest stop in Hamer, South Carolina

(Source: South of the Border Pedro)

While you may not be south of the border yet, Hamer, South Carolina’s South of the Border rest stop comes pretty close to it. This travel plaza is an iconic destination for people of all different interests and travel needs.

This popular tourist destination and travel center is known for having one of the world’s largest indoor reptile displays in the United States.

If you have time, you’ll want to try Pedro’s Ice Cream Fiesta ice cream shop, the mini golf course, the amusement park, and the motocross training facility.

Of the 10 best truck stops in America on our list, we think South of the Border is one of the most unique to top our list.


5. Corinth, Kentucky: Noble’s Restaurant and Truck Stop

Fleet of trucks in a parking lot

As you continue heading West, one of our favorite truck stops includes Corinth, Kentucky’s Noble’s Restaurant and Truck Stop.

If you’re looking for home-style cooking and a genuinely friendly and warm atmosphere, Noble’s is one of the best truck stops you’ll find on the road. With a worn and faded sign hoisted on top of and the roof of the restaurant reading “TRUCK STOP” in all capital letters, you’ll feel like you took a trip to the 1950’s.

For no frills, delicious dining, and a quick and easy fuel station, it’s no wonder Noble’s is considered a top truck stop by many.


6. Frankfort, IL: Mach 1

A fleet of multi-colored semi-trucks lined up in a row

Fans of race cars and sports paraphernalia will love Frankfort, Illinois’ Mach 1 truck stop. Voted one of the best truck stops in America for numerous years in a row by various publications, this rest stop center offers a food court, fast food options, and fresh meals to go from Kate’s Kitchen (and other fast food restaurants), a video gaming center, showers, and fuel.

If you find yourself in the Illinois area and need to take a break, visit a Mach 1 location for speedy service and complete amenities.


7. Joplin, MO: Big Apple Travel Center

Interior of the Big Apple Travel Center convenience store

(Source: Big Apple Travel Center)

This giant travel center located off Interstate 44 was once named the 2nd best independent truck stop in the country according to several different truck reviews. The clean facilities, exceptional customer service, full-service diesel services, convenience store food and drinks, showers, and charging stations have made this stop a fan favorite among drivers and truckers alike.

Plus, if you like Indian food, their restaurant, Rasoì, serves authentic and delicious naan, tikka masala, gulab jamun, and more. The Big Apple is a cosmopolitan paradise away from home.

If you’re heading east to west, you’ll definitely want to give this jumbo truck stop a go. But, if you’re heading west, no stop would be complete without stopping in Iowa at the Iowa 80 truck stop.


8. Walcott, IA: Iowa 80 Truck Stop

An aerial picture of semi trucks all parked and lined up next to one another

Iowa isn’t just known for being the leading producer of pork in the United States. Truckers: did you know that Iowa 80 is also the world’s (yes, the world’s) largest truck stop?

No list of the top truck stops would be complete without this jumbo-sized travel center. This travel center and stop offers 900 parking spots, commercial truck parking, fuel lanes, fleet fuel and wash programs, CAT scales, air or water pumps as needed, 20 showers, laundry facilities, a lounge called the Driver Den, a movie theater, dental services, a chiropractor, a library, a workout room, an embroidery room, eight restaurants, truck maintenance and car wash facilities, and much more.

Drivers can visit the restaurant and use the showers nearly 24 hours a day. And truckers, if you can believe it, they serve more than 5,000 customers per day.

If you’re heading along I-44 (and even if you’re not), be sure to pop in this crazy huge truck stop. You won’t be disappointed.


9. Fort Worth, Texas: Big Horn Travel Center

Exterior of Big Horn Travel Center in Texas

(Source: Big Horn Travel Center Facebook page)

Truckers and RV drivers: if you happen to be traveling through Texas, you’ll want to stop off US-287 in Rhome, Texas at the Big Horn Travel Center. This giant plaza-like truck stop is also a Pilot Flying J travel center.

It’s open 24 hours a day and comes equipped with multiple diesel fuel lanes, public parking, showers, CAT scales, laundry, WiFi, a wildlife exhibit, a food court, and an on-site facility with Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and Tire Industry Association (TIA) certified technicians.

Truckers will benefit a great deal from this convenient wildlife-inspired rest stop if for no other reason than the repair and tire service offered at their in-bay facilities. If you need rest and repair, don’t hesitate to stop off at the Big Horn Travel Center in Rhome, Texas.


10. Little America, Wyoming (and Arizona): Little America

Close-up of a cheeseburger and a red chili on a table

Whether you decide to move north towards the Rocky Mountains or west towards the desert, one of the many truck stops you’ll want to check out along your journey is Wyoming and Arizona’s Little America.

Located off I-80, this interesting site has unique offerings and is open 24 hours a day. This quaint truck stop boasts 16 fueling islands, 14 showers, laundry, U.S. postal services, fax services, a convenience store, and auto and commercial truck services at their mobile and on-site repair service center, Rocky Mountain Truck Center.

If you’re in search of the best truck stop in the West, Little America Travel Center is a great place to start — and resume — your travel adventure.


Bonus- Portland, Oregon: Jubitz Travel Center

A man enjoying a movie smiling with popcorn in hand

If you’ve made it all the way to the West Coast, you’ll want to make a stop at the famous Jubitz Travel Center in Portland, Oregon. Truckers, this 16-acre plaza offers truck parking and amenities for days.

Drivers can enjoy a lounge, jacuzzis, a barbershop, pet wash services, U.S. postal services, DOT and non-DOT drug testing, a movie theater, and even free dance lessons! This plaza boasts a 24-hour scale, nine fuel lanes, a truck wash, and a deli and convenience store for all your driving needs.

Plus, Jubitz has some of the fluffiest, largest towels, and they even have a massage service. You’ll want to grab a quick clean-off in the showers during your stop.

Stop in at Ponderosa Lounge and Grill, Cascade Grill, Moe’s Deli, or Club 307 for amazing food. The cooking at the restaurants can’t be beat.

Whether you’re popping in for a rest or making Portland your final destination, it’s pretty tough to pass through Portland without stopping at Jubitz for a luxurious and relaxing break. Stop by this amazing stop for a quick or extended refuel before continuing your travels.


Honorable Mention- Primm, Nevada: Whiskey Pete’s

A woman relaxing in a swimming pool

When you’re on the road all day and night, sometimes it can be a real challenge to unwind. While this may be a less traditional rest stop for those in the trucking industry, Whiskey Pete’s is by far one of the most fun rest stops West of Las Vegas.

Named after bootlegger Pete MacIntyre, this Western-inspired resort, casino, and hotel is the perfect place to unwind after a long day of driving. This travel center also happens to be one of the last places to fuel up before heading to Las Vegas.

So, before continuing on the road, stop by Primm, Nevada’s Whiskey Pete’s for a dip in their swimming pool, a round of roulette, a ride on their rollercoaster, a drink, delicious dining, or a rest in any of their 777 hotel suites and rooms. You’ll be ready to tackle the next day with fresh eyes and a full belly.


Truck and fleet repairs for the over-the-road warrior

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Whether you’re looking for stops with showers, a repair facility for your vehicle, or a business center with WiFi, a rest stop with amenities can make or break a trip — or your truck.

That’s why we’re here for you. While not quite a full-service casino or rest stop, at Certified Fleet Services, we’re a full-service truck and fleet repair facility with more than 30 years of dedicated experience.

Our master technicians hold over 14 different vehicle repair certifications and are trained using the latest technology and most advanced repair technique in the nation. Come on by for in-shop repairs — or let us come out to you with our mobile repair team.

Contact a Certified team member today to learn how we can get you back on the road faster.