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Our garage and shop are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. In a pinch? We offer 24/7 field service for those tough, one-off situations off-site. Contact us to learn more about our 24/7 field service.

Our average rate is $159.50 per hour.
Yes, we do! Our mobile, field-service trucks are ready to help. We have three commercial-scaled mobile trucks ready for dispatch at each of our store-front locations.

Try our 24/7 emergency roadside assistance services with the help of one of our dependable mobile field service trucks.

Come on in!

First, we run diagnostic reports — typically the same or the following day.

Next, we repair. The repair time depends on two factors: fleet management approval and parts availability.

It depends on the amount of labor needed for the job, as well as if we have the available parts in stock. We know your time is precious. To speed up repair times and prioritize the value offered to our clients, we’re one of the only fleet service companies in the area with access to our vendors and parts carriers. Repairs are as easy as a quick phone call to our vendors. That way, you’re in and out as quickly as possible.

We understand your frustration. Your repairs may be delayed as a result of transport issues. Sometimes, the part needed for your vehicle is either on backorder or shipped from out of state.

Rest assured, our team is already on it. If the part needed for your repairs is on back order, our staff is trained to exhaust all resources and continue searching for a more expeditious, quicker solution to get your vehicle up, running, and back in the field ASAP.

We can have your vehicle in tip-top shape, up and running, and ready for riding after 2-3 days (pending on parts availability and the scope of the project).

We believe it is important to provide our customers with complete transparency into all charges and costs incurred. No hidden fees here like at other repair facilities. You can expect each repair to include two fees:

  1. The initial diagnosis (DIAG) fee to determine the cause of repairs, and
  2. Repair quote (total cost of parts, labor, and repairs)
* Want a more simplified version? We can lump both prices into a single estimated price on your invoice. Just let one of our friendly fleet personnel know, and we’d be more than happy to help.

The total price depends upon several factors, such as the expected amount of labor and available parts needed for your vehicle.

Rest assured, we’ll make every effort to be transparent and provide you with an honest estimate for approval before our professionals lay a single finger on your vehicle. Honesty and transparency: it’s our pledge to you.

Your truck is just like your body: do what is only “medically necessary” for it to keep it running, and it will give you only the bare minimum needed. But what if you know deep in your heart that you want more than just “medically necessary” or the bare minimum? What if you want your body to go for miles and miles, to be fit, strong, and ready for anything? Will your body be ready for those tough days, those tough conditions, and the long road ahead? Or — will you be back again to the doctor, paying another consultation fee, and shell out more money just to check what you could have fixed on the first go? 

Your truck is just like your body: it deserves more than the bare minimum or what’s medically necessary. To keep it ready for the road and save valuable dollars in your pocket, we strongly suggest you follow our recommendations. We’ve been in the field for almost two decades (and some of our professionals even longer!). Our recommendations are intended to help keep your truck running strong to avoid down time and unnecessary breakdowns.

So, you could do the bare minimum, but we’ve seen where that capricious road leads.
We are certified professionals in our field and are committed to keeping our customers on the road with minimal downtime. As a small, family-owned business, we do whatever it takes to do only what’s most necessary to care for your vehicle while keeping your wallet in mind. We’re here to help: that’s what family does for each other.

Immediately: we conduct a diagnostic test on your vehicle the same or the next day.

Being efficient, quick, and comprehensive service: it’s what we’re all about.

Always. We offer double the warranty as the manufacturer on all parts

(exclusions: aftermarket turbos, injectors, alternators, and starters).

We’re so confident in the quality and skill of our professionals that we also throw in a complimentary 90-day workmanship warranty — our gift to you — on all labor provided. If you have a problem, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately, and we’ll be sure to fix it up, pronto.

Yes. We typically charge $159.50 per hour for a diagnostic test. However, it depends on what your system needs. If you’re not totally sure what needs servicing, we can help. Let’s connect.

Yes! We have a diverse and abundant supply of general stock parts available for most repairs needed.

The availability of parts also depends on the type of repair needed, the vehicle serviced, and the availability of our partner manufacturers and vendors. When vehicles require repairs that use Original Engineered Manufacturer (OEM) replacements, we make sure to find exactly what you need in as timely fashion as possible.


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