What Are The Best Trucks to Buy Used in 2023 (A Buyer’s Guide)?

A pickup truck rounding a corner on a sunny patch of highway

When it comes time to manage your fleet, which pickup trucks stand the test of time? Which won’t leave a dent in your wallet? Whether new or used, fleet vehicle repairs can cost a pretty penny (Data proves it). Managing and finding the best used pickup trucks for your fleet can be a real challenge. […]

11 Key Safety Tips For Truck Drivers (To Come Home Safe)

A person standing and smiling in front of an open MAN semi-truck

46,270: the number of estimated traffic fatalities that occurred in the United States in 2022. According to Statista, that number is eclipsed only by 2021’s record-setting high of nearly 47,000 traffic deaths. With more than 330 million people living in the United States today, there are more vehicles than ever on today’s roads. That means […]

Your Definitive Guide to the Best Truck Stops in America

Island-infused tropical-looking truck stop

If you’re a courier, over-the-road driver, or the type of person who regularly logs loads of cross-country miles, you won’t want to start your next trip without taking a look at Certified Fleet Services’s definitive guide to the best truck and rest stops from coast to coast. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of […]

Why Are They Called “Semi” Trucks? The Origin of the Name Explained

An bird's-eye view of a row of 5 primary-colored semi-trailer semi-trucks

We’re all business here at Certified Fleet Services. That means no jokes, no laughs, no human touch, and no fun. Any discussion about the origins of some of our services— semi-trucks included? Nope. Not doing it. Sorry, but not sorry. Just kidding. If you’re looking for a team that has extensive knowledge of fleet vehicles […]