What’s Causing My Truck To Leak Oil (Reasons, Effects, and Fixes)?

mechanic looking at belly of vehicle

Your handy truck is emitting a funky smell. It’ll go away, though, right? Is it time to bring it to the shop?  If you’ve ever asked or thought of any of these questions, your truck is likely showing signs of a classic oil leak. While you might want to write off the small puddle under […]

What to Expect for Your Annual DOT Inspection (and How to Pass It)

Three semi trucks parked on shoulder of the road

The dreaded DOT inspection: it’s an annual affair for an inspector — and a nail-biter for commercial vehicle drivers. Don’t sweat it. Certified Fleet’s got your back. If you’re wondering about the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when, and why) of DOT inspections — and how to pass this inspection with flying colors — come […]

How Much Does a DOT Truck Inspection Cost?

DOT inspection being done on a Truck

The annual DOT truck inspection is something that every fleet manager is familiar with. It comes around every year like clockwork. But still, even managers with years in the business tend to feel a little stressed every time they roll around. It’s normal to want your vehicles to perform well during inspections. Especially since a […]

Driver Safety Tips For Your Fleet

A semi truck on the road

Staying safe on the road is a top priority for drivers and fleet managers alike. No matter the approach you take toward fleet management, minimizing accidents and increasing driver safety will always be important. Regardless of weather conditions, distances being driven, and vehicles being used, drivers should be operating their vehicles safely. Fleet managers have […]

Benefits of Fleet Management

Fleet of trucks in a parking lot

The benefits of fleet management are far and wide. It’s no wonder that businesses are looking to get on such programs to help them grow. Staying on top of managing a fleet can get challenging. There are so many components to consider and closely monitored if you want to maximize efficiency. Everything from real-time vehicle […]

Corrective Maintenance vs Preventive Maintenance

Diesel mechanic

When it comes to managing a fleet there are two strategies that come to mind, corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance. Approaching your fleet with the right maintenance strategy is essential. Not only will it ensure that your vehicles are safe to operate, but it will help raise your fleet’s productivity and bring value to your […]